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How much can you make from hair extensions? | Hair Extensions Equal Big Money

How much can you make from hair extensions?

Hair Extensions Equal Big Money

Have you observed that celebrities alter their hairstyles continually?  Today a singer might have short blonde hair and next week she will have long brown wavy locks.  Do you marvel at how this transformation happens?  It’s probably not a wig.  She’s probably wearing hair extensions utilizing the expert talent of a hair stylist weaving these extensions into her own hair.

Do you want longer fuller hair?  Do you want to have highlights?  Hair extensions that are skillfully applied can achieve your objectives along with a variety of other choices you might have.  How impeccably the extension hair intermingles into your own, giving the appearance so natural that no one knows, relies upon your expert hair extensionist.  To accomplish this task the extension hair quality must be excellent and the color balance perfect, with the extensions skilfully affixed to your own hair.  Investing in good extensions and having them applied by a professional, adept in this function will allow your extensions to last for several months before removing.

Types of Hair Extensions

Generally, women prefer human hair extensions.  You can handle it the same as you would with your hair.  You are able to change the color; you can use heat from a blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener to have the results you want.  You can also cut the extensions.  Less costly synthetic extensions are much more restrictive because you cannot use any heat on this hair—it will melt.  The hair luster will not be like that of human hair.  If you have a smaller budget, you could purchase a clip-on extension made from synthetic hair, but know that any synthetic should be the same or lighter weight than your own hair because heavy extensions can break your natural hair.  Whatever you buy, make sure your own hair is healthy.


How to Become a Hair Extensionist

  1. Enrol onto a Belle hair extension course
  1. Most hair shows offer training courses in addition to having exhibits and amusement making these worth your while to attend.  At these shows, you can sign up for classes concerning hair extensions.
  1. Many salons offer classes on hair extension, so attend their seminars.  You can check Angie’s List or Craig’s List for finding out when seminars are going to be held.  You can also call salons that you know of offering extensions.  This will put you on the path to becoming a skilled hair extensionist.
  1. Do some networking with professional hair extension artists in your area.  Attend trade shows and perhaps you can find a mentor to teach you the methods of hair extension.  They might do this free or charge you a small fee.  It is well worth it for your success.
  1. For you to acquire clients you will need to construct a portfolio emphasizing your finest designs with hair extensions.  Check out hair magazines—there are many of these in salons, so you can have your own ideas for generating unique styles in developing your portfolio.


How much can you make from hair extensions

Once you have completed your hair extensions course you can earn anything between £250 to £1000 per week. Average price of good quality human remy hair is £110 to £120 for full head. You can charge your clients if in salon £450-£550 and if mobile £300 to £250. In the Belle course we give advice on how you can get clients. Once you have a client remember if you give them good hair and service they are yours for life, they will recommend more people to you.  Each client can be a profit to you of £1,500 to £3,000 per year his is roughly how much you can make from hair extensions.

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