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Hair Extensions Training Courses Glasgow

As Hair extensions become more and more popular now is the time to jump onto the band wagon. With the famous 3 method all inclusive Belle Hair Extension training course we teach and provide our students with everything they need to start there own hair extensions business or add an invaluable service to thier salon. No previous experience in hairdressing is needed and all our courses are fully accredited. We offer a guaranteed pass scheme.

Glasgow – Sunday 11th August 2013 : £299   Book Online

Glasgow – Monday 12th August 2013 : £299  Book Online (1 space)


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With a population of 2, 850, 000, Glasgow is one of the largest cities in all of the United Kingdom. Between the large percentage of women in Glasgow, and huge level of popularity hair extensions are enjoying right now, hair extension Glasgow has become big business indeed!


Glasgow Hair Extensions

The career opportunities for those wish to become hair extension Glasgow experts in Glasgow has never been better. And with cities like Edinburgh not too far away, which is also embracing hair extensions in a pretty big way, the time is right to learn everything about possible about them.


Whether you want to start a business that specializes in hair extensions, or if you want to add hair extensions to what you can already do as a hairdresser, learning the basics of hair extensions can be an extremely rewarding venture.


The popularity of hair extensions in Glasgow isn’t likely to change anytime soon, so why not take advantage of that?


Glasgow Hair Extension Courses

By taking hair extension courses in Glasgow, you can not only learn how to work as a hair extension expert in Glasgow and surrounding cities, you can also learn about the different types of hair extensions currently being offered. Even the hottest of the hot celebrities can be seen around town with any one of these popular hair extensions:


  • Clip In Hair Extensions: These are known as the most short-term of the hair extension types available.
  • Weave Hair Extensions: This process involves weaving natural hair into what is most commonly referred to a corn row. The work is completed by having a weft of hair sewn into corn row.
  • Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: A hair extension strand is pre-bonded with an assortment of adhesives (keratin, glue, adhesives taken from plant-based and petroleum-based sources). Once these bonds have been softened with an application device, they can be joined to the actual hair.
  • Tape Hair Extensions: The beauty of these hair extensions is that they can be attached quickly, easily, and painlessly. A pre-taped weft of hair is usually placed on either side of the actual hair. The end result is something that looks extremely natural.
  • Micro Link Extensions: By looping the hair extension through the natural hair, then clamping on to it with pliers and a metal bead, micro link extensions provide an unforgettable look.


Learning all of these hair extension types is easier then you think. You should also expect the following from any worthwhile Glasgow hair extension courses you might take:


  • Sectioning the hair for hair extensions.
  • Colour matching the pre-bonded hair extensions.
  • Conducting a successful consultation with each client.
  • The safe and effective application of pre-bonded hair extensions.
  • Successfully achieving highlights and lowlights with your clients.
  • Properly blending in a hair extension job.
  • Advising clients on caring for the extensions afterwards.
  • The safe and proper procedures for removing hair extensions.
  • And much more.


What are you waiting for? Start learning about extensions today.

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