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Belle Award Winning 1 Day 4 Method Hair Extension Training Course | Only £50 to secure your space.

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We hold hair extension courses in all of the major cities in the UK, Ireland and Europe - If the city that you're interested in is not listed below, please SMS or drop us a call for when the next date in your city will be and one of our representatives will contact you.

On our Belle Hair Extension C1 Fast Track Intensive Training Course you will be taught the FOUR core application methods, Micro fusion bonding, Micro Ring/Links, Mini Lock Tubes and Easy Shrinks by qualified tutors for just one price. You will receive a professional hair extension kit, in-depth and fully illustrated manual, professional insurance approved certification, trade account with Gold Supplier; template consultation card and everything else you require to start working as a professional qualified hair extension technician. Courses are taught individually or in groups at our training centre bases located throughout the UK. All students receive individual and plentiful attention from our qualified and trained teaching staff. If you do not grasp it all in one day, you can pop back to the next available course free of charge. You do not need to be a hairdresser to attend our course as you will be taught everything you need to know from the very beginning. Once you have paid your deposit confirming your place on the selected course, you will be allocated a space on the course by email; the remaining balance will need to be paid on the course day or on promotions anytime before the course. Everything will be provided for you at the course, stationary, full hair extension kit, refreshments and your training head, you do not need to bring anything with you (view the full kit list below). We also train hair salons so if you and your team would like to learn, contact us. If you have trained at another academy and feel that you didnt learn enough, our hair extension course will teach you the A-Z of hair extensions from start to finish and we will be happy to educate you on one of our courses.

NB: If you're interested in Belle Hair Extension course. Please pay a £50 deposit to secure your place rest can be paid later - dates and course cities listed below.



We provide a dedicated teaching experience, every student on our course will be learning the same course and the same methods | We also provide a FULL kit including Remy colour ring, training head & clamp, professional hairdressing scissors, heat connector plus much more!


All courses include accredited & professional insurance approved certification.

Refer to the LIVE videos on the right for course feedback.

National Information Line: 02084326302 or SMS "07939211796" for a call back.

Belle Hair Extension Course C1 currently on sale from £269 discounted from £495.00. Limited Spaces. Only £50 deposit to reserve your place and offer.

We teach the most popular hair extension methods used in the industry. | C1 for £269 and with Nano £269 (Upgrade C1 to N1 on sale for £299)

You can also upgrade to learn more methods on your course such as Ultrasonic cold fusion, Nano rings. Celebrity weave, Nano ring weft plus more!

We offer price match, call us for more information


(NB: Click on the the date you wish to book on and you will receive a booking confirmation email with all course details. Due to the high demand of Belle Courses, we advise you to book early as our course spaces fill up very fast.

The majority of the courses that are listed as fully booked are not shown on the website.)


Sale Now On - Selected Cities from just £269 Limited Spaces | Only £50 to confirm your place | Add Nano to any course in making your course £299 all inclusive.


Belle Hair Extension London, Kent, MK & Essex training dates held daily please call 02084326302 to discuss; national dates below.


C1, C2 & C3 - London - Held most Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays call 02084326302 to book.


March 2019 - Sale - Selected cities - £269 C1 and £299 N1!


One to One courses / Private Courses | Call for more dates:


London 121 at our Academy or Salon - 4 to 7 Methods Sale Offer - March 2019 : From £399 Book Online


At your home/salon 121 (London/Essex/Kent surrounding areas) - 4 to 7 Methods Sale Offer - March 2019 : From £499 Book Online


Manchester/Birmingham/Cardiff/National 121 - 4 to 7 methods March 2019 : From £599 Book Online


From prices include course "C1 or C2" with Nano upgrade. You can also upgrade to learn more methods on your course such as Ultrasonic cold fusion, Nano rings. Celebrity Weave, Nano ring weft plus more! Call 02080386304 for more information you can customise your 121 course fully to your needs. Additional students during a private session are charged from £199.00*


**Price match promise, call us for more information**

Sale Now On - Limited Spaces | Only £50 to confirm your place | If you cant find your city or date below please call for our full list


Nationwide Hair Extension Course Dates:




C1 - Malta - Wednesday 27th March 2019 $399 Book Online (New)


C1 - Reading (Last date until June) - Tuesday 2nd April 2019 : £299 Book Online


For more cities, private one to one courses or other dates - please call us on 02084326302 (+442084326302 international)

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Course spaces are limited & available on a first come first serve basis


Other Belle Courses

Belle Academy

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For more dates and courses... please email to for details subject "course information".

*Our main dates fill up very fast, we advise to book early.

Please refresh page for updates, we add new course dates every week.



We will teach you how to:

  • do a client consultation
  • communicate effectively with your client
  • extend hair using main FOUR different methods (Fusion bonded/Micro rings/Easy shrinks,Mini lock tubes)
  • learn about many different types of hair and how to source them (Russia/Indian/Remy explained)
  • learn the latest hair extension trends
  • learn about the hair extension market
  • learn about the structure of hair and Remy hair
  • learn about medical/scalp conditions which can affect hair extensions
  • apply Keratin fusion bonded hair Extensions (heat method)
  • apply Easy shrinks (warm method)
  • apply Micro rings/links (Non heat or glue method)
  • apply Mini lock tubes (Non glue/heat method)
  • apply Human Hair Extensions
  • apply a full head, half a head and volume applications
  • apply hair extensions on clients with hair loss/thinning hair
  • apply hair extensions on all types of hair
  • apply highlights, lowlights and fashion colours such as Ombre and Balayage extensions
  • achieve the perfect hair colour match
  • cut, shape and blend your clients hair extensions
  • care for your clients hair safely
  • teach aftercare & maintenance of the hair extensions
  • find hair extension products
  • reposition hair extensions
  • safely remove hair extensions
  • start up and expand your hair extension business
  • pricing of services and how much to charge (profit margins)
  • make money in the hair extension market
  • reach your target market
  • where to get a good website at an inexpensive price
  • purchase good quality hair at a good price (30% trade discount with top UK hair suppliers)
  • purchase hair extension tools without being ripped off
  • Free marketing material posters


What is included in your hair extension training kit to take home on day: (Provided by Glamorous Lengths)

  • Glamorous Lengths Hair Extensions Manual
  • Training head
  • Training head table clamp
  • Human remy hair extension colour ring
  • Electronic extension heat connector wand
  • Professional hair extension loop brush
  • Metal end precision tail comb
  • Hair extension razor comb (2-sided)
  • Two sectioning crocodiles
  • Sectioning clip
  • Finger protectors/cots
  • Heat separator disks/shields
  • Professional cutting scissors (6" blades, stainless steel* - 6" inch blade is the recommended length for hair extension scissors)
  • Hair extension storage bag with 5 compartments (Waterproof)
  • Hair extensions keratin removal solution
  • Hair extension pliers
  • Pre bonded remy human hair for Fusion bonded method
  • Stick tip remy human hair for Micro ring and Easy shrinks methods
  • Removal pads
  • Micro rings
  • Shrink tubes
  • Micro ring pulling tool/crochet hook tool
  • 25% Trade card for our gold supplier
  • Aftercare cards for your clients
  • A3 Posters to help with your business


What else you receive:

  • Belle hair extensions "everything you need to know" manual (Included in all courses)
  • Insurance details to kickstart your business for hairdressers and non hairdressers (Included in all courses)
  • Hair suppliers details (Included in all courses)
  • Professional certificate with enables you to get trade discount (Included in all courses)
  • Posters to help kick-start your business (Included in all courses)
  • 25% trade discount card (Included in all courses)
  • Direct contact details to our senior teachers (Included in all courses)
  • Complete peace of mind that you are learning with the UKs largest hair extension training academy, we teach thousands of students every year!

For more information please call: 02084326302

Or we recommend SMS "Hair Extension Courses" To 07939211796 for a call back

Email: [email protected] | Our London Hair Extensions Training Courses


If you would like to purchase either the manual or training kit on its own please click here


Reviews from some of the best Hair Extensionists in the UK

Belle Academy Commercial


What to Look for When Booking a Hair Extension Course

Here are some Hot Topics of Discussion when determining who will provide your hair extension training.

  • Are the training methods consistent?  Make sure that all students in all classes will be learning the same instructional methods.  Different Teachers should still be teaching the same techniques.
  • Is a projector used during instruction?  Students learn better with visual images.  If the instructor is not using a projector to provide examples of the techniques and finished hairstyles, the course and the instructor may be outdated.
  • What is the Student/Teacher Ratio?  For practical educational courses with hands-on experimentation, you will want at least two instructors in the room.  Otherwise, you may be waiting a long time to get the help that you need.
  • Will you be provided a color training manual?  If the instructional program tries to give you a black-and-white manual or something on a CD, you are being manipulated.  A color manual will come in handy after certification and long into your career.
  • Does your school have reputable client reviews?  Don’t settle for online customer reviews.  These are probably fake anyway.  Demand to see handwritten reviews from past students and clients alike.
  • Is your academy legitimate?  Make sure that you academy is a licensed company.  If in doubt, call your Better Business Bureau or Local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Will you receive a “kit” with your training course? Make sure that you will have the materials that you need on the very first day of class.  If they require you to purchase them yourself, this is not a reputable institution.


You will also want to look for a professional academy that have a salon that caters to public clients, this ensures their credibility.  Look for a hair extension training academy and salon that has been around for more than a few years and ensure that they are experts in the art of hair extensions.


Begin an Exciting New Career with Hair Extension Training with Belle Hair Extension Courses

If you have a joy for working with hair extensions and are looking for a new and lucrative career opportunity, Belle Hair Extensions is now offering courses in Hair Extension Training.  Believe it or not, this is an industry that has a need for certified stylists who are creative and knowledgeable about this process. 

When stylists attend their standard educational training, these schools do not always offer Hair Extension Courses as part of the regular classwork.  This means that if these new stylists have clients come into their shop wanting hair extensions, they have to turn them away or give their client to one of their colleagues who have expertise in this technique.

You can easily earn upwards of £30 to £50 per customer per hour after you have become certified Belle Extensionist.  You can gain employment in a salons or even work from mobile or from home.  There are even highly paid stylists that specialize only in hair extensions who work on sound stages and Hollywood Movie Sets. 

It is a great way to meet new and interesting people.  You can even increase your prices to nearly double the above amounts if you are willing to travel to your customers to their homes or offices.  People are severely lacking in leisure time these days, but their beauty treatments are rarely neglected. hair_extension_course_.png

These same people are often highly paid professionals in their careers, where “looking good” is not only a daily routine, but it is a requirement for their job performance.  Begin your new career today.  Call Belle to sign up for our new Hair Extension Courses for a career that you can be proud of!


Hair Extensions Are No Longer Just for Celebrities!

Hair extensions are more popular than ever before with a massive boom in the industry! We speacialise in over 12 hair extension methods to suit everyone, if you're looking at our courses, you won't be disappointed as we are the UK's leading academy. These can be used for any number of reasons, from changing your style to giving you fullness and bounce. Unlike a wig, hair extensions are used in just certain sections of your hair although they can be applied so that they last for months. Check out the reasons why people use these extensions and how they can help your hair look its best.

One reason to try hair extensions is if you want to get long hair before it actually grows out. The right extensions can be woven into the back and underside of your hair to create length, and these will blend with your own hair so that it appears that you have longer hair all over. This can be a great choice if you get a short haircut that you instantly regret or if you have a special occasion and want to try a longer style. You might also try hair extensions for length to create a long ponytail or a voluminous bun or chignon on the back of your hair. For a wedding or other event, this can be a very stunning look!

Another great use for hair extensions is to help fill out your hair. Many women can experience hair loss even if it's not as pronounced as men, this can be embarrassing and downright devastating. A good professional can work the extensions discreetly with your natural hair to give you added fullness and volume. This can also cover wide parts and spots that appear to be balding. The right hair extensions will make your hair look thick and full and give you back a youthful, healthy appearance.

Many celebrities have used different types of hair extensions for movie roles or for red carpet events, to get a particular look without changing their hair permanently. A long look is good for the red carpet and quality hair extensions can give them this look quickly and easily.

For yourself, consider using extensions when you have a special occasions and especially if there will be pictures. You might want the look of long and curly hair for a wedding, which can seem very feminine and which can hold a hairpiece much better. You might try hair extensions for a New Year's Eve party when you want something more festive than your standard bob cut or simple style. If a celebrity can try extensions for a special event, why not you?

The best way to ensure quality for your hair extensions is to have them applied by a professional. You can purchase a clip or separate piece and try to apply it yourself but this can be difficult and the results may not look natural. A clip needs to be inserted under your hairline and the hair worked over it for the best look. If you try to add extensions to the back of your hair, you have the handicap of only being able to see a mirror image of your hair and this can make it cumbersome to work with the pieces.

If you do want to add your own hair extensions, be sure you're using quality products. Nano ring hair extension courses are one of the best types of extensions as this provides the smallest ring area that virtually disappears into the hairline. Nano ring hair extensions are easy to work with and because they're clear, they are easily hidden by the hair over the extension. Choosing a high quality brand of hair extensions will ensure they can be used again and again, and that the colour is true. This will give you natural results that you're sure to love!



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