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Why Try Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

If you’re a stylist then you know the importance of providing your clients with the highest quality products, from shampoos and conditioners that leave hair soft and silky to colour that stays true even after weeks of washing.  When it comes to hair extensions the quality of the hair is important, as is the clip or band used to secure it to the client’s hair, as this will ensure a snug fit and ensure that the extensions stay in place as long as possible.  Nano ring hair extensions are some of the best on the market today and a good stylist would do well to consider using them for their clients.

When you choose nano ring hair extensions you are choosing the best for your clientele.  The nano rings are small and lightweight so they’re virtually invisible, and won’t weigh down the hair as some clips might.  Clients want hair extensions that look good but that also feel good when worn, and heavy clips or bands that tug or pull on hair or that are heavy will be uncomfortable.  If your client is not comfortable with their extensions, they may not have them redone!  When you choose nano ring hair extensions you are giving your client something that feels light and that moves naturally.

Invisible rings and clips are also very important as you don’t want anything to detract from the overall look of extensions, as these should be indistinguishable from your client’s hair.  Nano ring hair extensions are clear so they don’t stand out and won’t be seen when worn.  This makes them easy to use with any colour of hair, even dark hair.  As with choosing comfortable clips, if the client can see the end of the extensions in their hair or if they’re visible to anyone else, they will probably not have the procedure done again!  Using nano ring hair extensions gives your clients results that are invisible and weightless and that they will request again and again.

The nano ring hair extensions are also easy to work with as they are sturdy and won’t pull or bend while being applied to your client’s hair.  They will stay in place and give you just enough room for applying the extension without being obtrusive or getting in the way of a style.

If you’re a client who gets hair extensions, you may want to ask your stylist about nano ring hair extensions, especially if you’ve had extensions that were too large or too heavy.  These may be the right choice for you so that your extensions look natural and are easy to wear.  Every stylist has a particular product they prefer to work with but if you’re not happy with the results, you need to let them know and may need to make suggestions for how to create a look you can live with!  Ask them if they’ve worked with nano ring hair extensions and suggest they try this particular type of extension to create something invisible and easier for you to wear.

For those who do their own extensions, it’s also good to try the nano ring hair extensions even if you have extensions you normally work with or prefer.  You may be surprised at how light they are and how well they stay in hair for a look that lasts.  Unlike beads or clips, the nano rings are small and virtually invisible, usually about half the diameter of regular beads and clips, and can make your extensions look like your own hair.  They’re also easy to manage and maintain and can give you the results you want quickly and easily.

Anyone who uses hair extensions on a regular basis, whether a stylist or client, would do well to try nano ring hair extensions.  They can give you or your client a look that blends well with their own hair and which looks natural and subtle.  They’re also affordable and like other high quality extensions, are available with human hair or synthetic.  They’re the latest and best technique for creating full, voluminous hair that you or your client is sure to love.

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the past several years, and for good reason. Hair extensions are a great way to add length and body to your hair without having to wait for your hair to grow out. You also gain volume and bounce with the extra added locks, and all without expensive daily products like volumizing gels and sprays.


Choosing Your Hair Extensions

The purpose of hair extensions is to give the appearance of longer hair without having to wait until the hair grows out naturally. Hair extensions come in many varieties, with different choices for colour, length, and style. You can choose from human hair, synthetic hair, or even animal hair products.  The hair extensions can be washed, cut, and grown like normal human hair and can be removed if desired.

Hair extensions also vary in quality. Some hair extensions can be purchased from beauty stores and added to the hair with more primitive methods by the consumer at home. Other hair extensions are more complex and require the aid of a professional hair dresser and stylist.

When choosing the method of application for your hair extensions, it is important to consider what your goal is with them. If you plan to keep them for a while and wish for them to last through washes, brushing, and daily wear and tear, then hiring a professional to apply them to your hair is the best choice. If your plan is to wear your hair extensions short term and don’t see such high-quality as a top priority, then simply purchasing a set from a beauty supply store could suffice.

It is imperative when choosing your hair extensions to choose a colour that matches your hair well. Since hair extensions are installed toward the lower layers of hair on the head, it is okay to choose hair that is one shade darker, to give the illusion of highlighted or lighter layers on top.

On the other hand, some consumers seek a dramatically different hair colour in order to create a bold effect. Adding light or platinum blonde extensions to black hair can have a certain style effect. However, it is highly recommended to seek a professional’s help when choosing this route for your hair extensions, because they can keep an aesthetically pleasing look in mind while installing them in your hair.


Applying Your Hair Extensions

There are different methods for installing your hair extensions and securing them to your existing hair. The most primitive and cheap methods use simple clips or even strings to secure the hair extensions to lower layers of hair. These methods aren’t ideal for long-lasting extensions or for clients seeking hair extensions that are high quality. The hair will have a faker appearance and will not fall smoothly. Plus, the colour options for these types of hair extensions and quality of the hair itself are lacking, meaning you could end up with hair extensions that don’t match your hair.

Typical salon-installed hair extensions use a variety of fasteners to secure the locks of extensions to very small gatherings of hair. This method is typically preferred to the above store-bought method. The smaller the fastener, the better, because they will be less noticeable both to others who look at the hair and the client herself, meaning you will have hair extensions that appear seamless and look like natural hair, as if the client grew the hair out naturally.

The hair extensions with the smallest fasteners for hair extensions are called nano rings. Nano ring hair extensions are highly sought after for their very small size and durability as a fastener. Nano tip hair extensions also come in a variety of colours, so there’s no need to worry about finding one that fits your hair colour perfectly.

It is important to note that nano hair extensions should be applied by a professional, because they require specific tools in order to install the hair extensions properly. If the client attempts to install nano ring hair extensions on their own, it could result in damage to the natural hair or scalp.

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