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Spray Tan Training Course

Spray Tan Training

If you’re a salon or tanning parlor that offers spray tanning, adding spray tan training to your services can be a great way to start earning more money. By becoming a spray tan professional, you can have a successful additional source of income. Spray tan training courses can help you learn everything you need to have a successful spray tanning service.


By investing in a spray tan training course, you can be more confident that you are offering a high quality service to your clients. Using even the best equipment improperly can result in odd-color tans that appear streaky or even blotchy. Nothing will keep your clients coming back like a perfect, natural-looking tan that takes only minutes of their time and doesn’t cause skin damage like traditional tanning in the sun or on a tanning bed.


Why Spray Tanning? The benefits for clients

A spray tan will give skin a natural and healthy glow without damaging the skin like traditional tanning methods. A spray tan can accentuate features while also making the person appear slimmer.


Spray tanning can be done year-round, unlike lying out in the sun, and it doesn’t cause streaks or orange coloring like it used to. It can even out skin tone while reducing the appearance of undesirable features like varicose veins or stretch marks.


Using a spray tan is also fast and easy, requiring just minutes for a full-body tan.


Sunless tanning has been gaining popularity because it has been giving better quality results without the threat of skin cancer.


Spray tans come in a wide range of browns to ensure you get exactly the hue that will work for your natural skin type.
Spray tanning works much better than applying lotions or creams. As long as the solution dries completely, it shouldn’t even rub off on clothing.


Why spray tanning? The benefits for business

Spray tanning delivers instant results, which makes clients happy faster. And since spray tan wears off, it will also keep them coming back.


Spray tans don’t pose any health risks aside from a rare allergic reaction to the solution.


Just one application gives customers the results they want. It’s inexpensive for them, so they will feel comfortable coming back for another application after theirs has worn off.


Unlike tanning beds, you don’t run the risk of burning clients, like you do when you change the bulbs in tanning beds and booths.


When clients come to an existing business like a salon or spa, they want to look their best. If those business offers spray tan options, they are helping their clients achieve their goal. This makes clients happier and more likely to recommend you to their friends.


With a spray tan, people’s families and friends will notice the sudden summer glow. They may ask where they got the tan, and your client has an opportunity to recommend you.


Spray tanning can be learned in a few days. It’s pretty straightforward, although you will learn more regarding your equipment and clientele the more you actually do it.

Sunless tanning is a natural addition to services offered at salons or spas. It can be an easy upsell for clients who come in for a variety of other services, like up-dos for prom, haircuts and colors, and body wraps and other spa treatments.


Spray tan equipment is fairly inexpensive to operate and you will be able to quickly recover your initial investment if you have a few interested clients. Spray tan is an affordable option for people, but also has a high profit margin for business owners, in part because it is a quick process.

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