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Preparation and Aftercare

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Prepare for your fitting:

  • Please ensure to thoroughly wash and cleanse your hair before coming for your fitting, it is advisable to use a clarifying shampoo to completely remove any styling products or residue remaining in your hair.
  • Try to come with your hair free from any styling products and straightened, this makes it clearer to see when applying the bonds.
  • To have hair extensions, your hair should be a minimum of 3-4 inches in length, just about long enough to put into a ponytail. Ideally, the longer your hair, the easier to integrate. However, shorter lengths can be done. All I really need is enough hair to be able to hold onto to add hair to, an inch and a half, but it will be harder to blend and grow out quicker. If your hair is too short, then going any longer than 16 inches may not be advisable. Email us a picture of your hair or come in for a consultation if you are unsure about anything regarding length.
  • Feel free to send us a sample of your hair so we can colour match it perfectly, ensure to get a reasonable amount of hair ideally from the ends so I can get a more precise match to the overall colour of your hair.



  • It is strongly advised that you don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours after having your hair extensions fitted, this is because the bonds need time to set to avoid hair shedding from the bonds in the future.
  • Please try to wash your hair a maximum of twice a week If possible, this is because the less stress you put on the hair the better due to heat styling etc.
  • Always use a shampoo and conditioner recommended for hair extensions only, this is because normal high street brands contain silicone based ingredients which will cause the bonds to weaken and break down. To wash where to bonds are, only use a hair extension shampoo as it will not loosen the bonds. It is necessary to condition the extension hair to keep it in optimum condition, it is vital however that you do not get conditioner on the actual bonds as they will get very weak and soft. To purchase the shampoo and conditioner please visit the products page.
  • Remember to always take good care of your hair, gently dry it and do not take any shortcuts when caring for it. Hair extensions last longer and look better when taken proper care of. It is best to use a hair extension brush, this is because normal brushes with balls on the end can rip and break the hair, this brush is available to purchase on the products page. Try to brush your hair everyday but not more than once as this will cause unnecessary shedding. You will often see hairs coming off on your brush or when you wash your hair, this is perfectly normal. These are loose hairs that haven’t been attached to the bond properly and don’t forget that people lose up to 100 hairs everyday naturally so it may look like a lot but in fact, you are doing less damage to your hair by having extensions because you are doing less styling and heat damage!
  • It is advisable to do your hair into a loose plait when sleeping, this will minimise tangling and knotting when you sleep.
  • You can style your hair extensions just as you would with your normal hair, you can straighten, curl, blow-dry, dye, crimp and cut them because they are human hair, just ensure that you don’t continually bleach them because they may start to look less shiny as they don’t receive the vitamins from your scalp like your own hair does. If you are looking to get them styled in a salon, please ensure that you tell your hairdresser that you don’t want the bonds to show. Root re-touching can also be carried out as normal.
  • It is strongly advised that you have a maintenance appointment halfway during your extension period e.g. 4-6 weeks. This will allow us to look at your hair to see how you are getting along with the extensions and to remove and replace any loosened bonds to ensure that you can keep your extensions on for longer. If you don’t come in for maintenance, we cannot be help responsible for any damage caused to your hair, as it is your responsibility to look after them properly using our aftercare guide for advice. It is possible for you to re-use the extension hair and have a full fitting again at a reduced price.
  • Hair extensions should be kept in for no longer than 3 months at a time, this is because when they grow out too long, it is easy for them to become matted. Removal is completely safe and does no damage to your own hair; proper hair extension removal should be pain free with no tugging or pulling at your own hair involved. At Belle, we use keratin glue which is derived from natural products and the solution that we use removes them almost instantly whereby the bond just breaks down and slides out of the hair. If you wish to remove the extensions yourself, please purchase the removal solution and tool from us as these are meant to be used with the keratin glue that we use.
  • If you wish to have your extensions removed in another salon, we are able to sell our removal solution to them so that they can remove them for you correctly. Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your hair if they are removed elsewhere.
  • You may find that immediately after having your hair extensions fitted, they may feel uncomfortable when sleeping where the bonds have been attached, this usually disappears after about 4-5 days where you will hardly notice them. Please persevere with them and you will notice the results!
  • To have hair extensions, you must be willing to take care of them properly, they need careful washing, conditioning, brushing and straightening to avoid any damage. We cannot stress enough the importance of looking after them, if you feel that you need any aftercare advice please do not hesitate to contact us at any point and we will be happy to help and/or resolve any issues you may have.
  • Some clients experience itching to the scalp, this is perfectly normal! Remember that having hair extensions isn’t a natural process, your head has to adjust to having them, this is why we at Belle are renowned for fitting hair extensions that feel and look the most natural.
  • After having your hair extensions fitted, you will find that some of the hairs may shed and occasionally you may lose some of the actual bonds. This is nothing abnormal, in fact the majority of people lose only 1 or 2 bonds where as others lose up to 10! This is why it’s essential to have regular maintenance to avoid this happening.
  • If you do see any of your own hairs coming out after having your extensions fitted, don’t panic! These are due to the natural daily shedding of your hair, but you will notice it more because you have had extensions fitted, we find that most of our clients’ hair improves quality after having hair extensions because they are doing less heat/product damage during the three months of having them.

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