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Hair Loss Mesh Integration

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Discover the Hair Loss Mesh Integration System, ideal for thinning hair, short hair, or up to 70% alopecia-related hair loss. This customizable system creates a full head of hair illusion in targeted coverage areas. 

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Hair loss & Mesh Integration

Duration : 2 Days

What is Mesh Integration?

Mesh integration uses a form of netting (or mesh), which is placed at the root of the hair and overlayed on the scalp to disguise hair loss for men and women. This is a permanent system that is worn every day much like hair extensions. We use a special hairpiece made of the GL human remy hair along with a hypoallergenic mesh base which allows the scalp to breathe. This integrates perfectly with your natural hair, giving you a seamless natural look. Our ultra light system allows your hair to still grow as normal underneath and causes no tension or pulling on your hair or scalp. We recommend a maintenance carried out on the system every 6-8 weeks. The hair we use can last 9-12 months with the correct aftercare.


Health & Safety

Client consultation

Contraindications and medical

Different types of Hairloss

Hair Growth Cycles/patterns


Tailoring of the System

Placement of the system

Application of the system

Maintenance of the system

How to wash the system

Removal of the system

Thread choice

Trade Supplier details

Cutting and Blending

Colour Matching

Marketing and how to set up your business

Glo lamp lighting information

Your free kit:

Breathable Hair Mesh net

Hair topper

Hook tool

Loop tool

Pintail comb

2 crocodile clips

2 butterfly clips

2 slim clips

Hair pliers

Hairdressing scissors

Remy hair weft

1 detangle brush

1 training head

1 table clamp

1 kit bag


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    Why Choose Our Hair Loss Mesh Integration

    Our Hair Loss Mesh Integration Courses empower you to make a real difference in the lives of those seeking confidence and rejuvenation. With hands-on practice, in-depth knowledge, and the ability to create custom solutions, you’ll stand out as a specialist capable of transforming appearances and boosting self-esteem. Join us in these courses and embark on a journey to master the art of hair restoration and integration.

    We offer this course currently in London taught by our dedicated & experienced educators which include:

    • Accredited insurance approved certification
    • Trade discount for hair and products
    • Cutting & Blending included
    • Lifetime Belle alumni support

    Upcoming Course Dates and Locations

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    Location: London, Date: Thursday 12th September & Friday 13th September 2024
    Original price was: £1,345.00.Current price is: £995.00.


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