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C1 – 4 Method Master Class


Welcome to the Foundation of all the classic Hair Extension Methods where you will cover 

Micro Rings, Mini Tubes, Fusion Bonds, Easy Shrinks 

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Master the Art of Hair Extensions: Keratin Fusion, Mini Tubes, Easy Shrinks & Micro Rings

Duration : 1 Days
Welcome to our comprehensive C1 course, where you’ll gain expertise in a variety of hair extension techniques. In this course, we cover four distinct methods that cater to different preferences and hair types. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to provide top-notch hair extension services to your clients. Let’s explore the methods taught in the C1 course:
1. Fusion Bonds:
Fusion Bonds are a pioneering method where individual hair extension strands are bonded to natural hair using adhesive or heat-activated keratin glue. This technique offers a seamless blend, ensuring a natural appearance with exceptional durability. Whether your clients desire added length or volume, Fusion Bonds provide a versatile and stylish solution.
2. Mini Tubes:
Mini Tubes, also known as micro cylinders, involve attaching hair extensions using tiny, discreet metal tubes. This technique is gentle on the natural hair and allows for easy adjustment and maintenance. Mini Tubes are ideal for clients seeking a secure attachment method that offers flexibility and comfort.
3. Easy Shrinks:
Easy Shrinks employ shrinkable plastic tubes to attach hair extensions. As heat is applied, the tubes shrink, securing the extensions to the natural hair. This technique is efficient and produces a reliable connection, making it a favorite among clients looking for a hassle-free yet durable extension application.
4. Micro Rings :
Micro Rings, also referred to as micro beads, utilize small metal rings to attach extensions. The rings are clamped around sections of natural hair and extensions, forming a secure bond without the need for adhesives or heat. This method is perfect for clients concerned about chemical-free attachment while enjoying a comfortable fit.


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    Why Choose The C1 Course?

    Our C1 course offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn and master these four distinct hair extension techniques. By gaining proficiency in Fusion Bonds, Mini Tubes, Easy Shrinks, and Micro Rings, you’ll become a versatile and skilled extension specialist, ready to cater to a diverse range of client preferences.

    Embrace the artistry of hair extensions and embark on a journey of creativity and professionalism with our C1 course. Join us today to elevate your skills and deliver exceptional hair extension services.

    As With All Our Course You’ll Receive

    • Your certificate for insurance and CPD.
    • Access to trade shops to buy professional equipments.
    • On-going support available from your educator via Email or telephone.
    • Membership to the Belle Academy entitling you to special offers, news and discount.

    In this course you'll learn :

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    Locations: Manchester, C1 Dates: Saturday 2nd March 2024
    Locations: Birmingham, C1 Dates: Monday 4th March 2024
    Locations: Nottingham, C1 Dates: Wednesday 6th March 2024
    Locations: Maidstone, C1 Dates: Saturday 9th March 2024
    Locations: Edinburgh, C1 Dates: Saturday 13th April 2024
    Locations: London, C1 Dates: Tuesday 5th March 2024
    Locations: London, C1 Dates: Thursday 14th March 2024
    Locations: London, C1 Dates: Monday 25th March 2024
    Locations: Southampton, C1 Dates: Tuesday 2nd April 2024
    Locations: Chelmsford, C1 Dates: Tuesday 2nd April 2024
    Locations: Cardiff, C1 Dates: Thursday 4th April 2024
    Locations: Bristol, C1 Dates: Saturday 6th April 2024
    Locations: Milton Keynes, C1 Dates: Saturday 6th April 2024
    Locations: Exeter, C1 Dates: Monday 8th April 2024
    Locations: Glasgow, C1 Dates: Monday 15th April 2024
    Locations: Newcastle, C1 Dates: Thursday 18th April 2024
    Locations: Leeds, C1 Dates: Sunday 21st April 2024
    Locations: Manchester, C1 Dates: Tuesday 23rd April 2024
    Locations: London, C1 Dates: Saturday 16th March 2024
    Locations: Birmingham, C1 Dates: Thursday 25th April 2024
    Locations: Nottingham, C1 Dates: Saturday 27th April 2024
    Locations: Norwich, C1 Dates: Saturday 4th May 2024
    Locations: Oxford, C1 Dates: Saturday 18th May 2024
    Locations: Brighton, C1 Dates: Saturday 25th May 2024
    Locations: Bournemouth, C1 Dates: Friday 28th June 2024